Robinson Crusoe

August 23, 2005

You can't get more lo-tech than a pinhole camera. Pinhole photographs are unique in that there is no lens on the camera. Nothing is in focus, and nothing is out of focus. The world is just slightly askew. The actual pinhole through which the image is captured is so small that exposure times tend to last several seconds, and so motion artifacts will contribute as much to the feeling of the piece as composition and colour.

Robinson Crusoe had always been one of my favourite pinhole images from this body of work. During last year's Georgian Bay holiday I brought along Daniel Defoe's brilliant novel, and this image came to mind. I re-christened the image, and it is now my favourite from the series. Another favourite can be seen on this page.

Fine prints from this series printed to 11 x 11 inches can be ordered for $95 canadian. Images are signed au verso and printed on true colour photographic paper. To see more images from this ongoing series of pinhole photographs please contact the studio!